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SOLD @ the Ottawa Art Expo


Last weekend at the Ottawa Art Expo a new collector took home this little beauty. I am so proud of this one. I think it is one of the first to include modern architecture, which is obviously a huge visual aspect of Manhattan that I haven't covered yet.

My favourite thing about this piece is the colour. BLUE. Blue of any variation has always been my favourite.

I also love the reflections in the multiple glass surfaces, and the use of lines... everywhere! People in the foreground, middle and background, the suggestion of realism in the cars, oh I could go on and on.

Not in a toot-my-own-horn kind of way, just in an I-love-what-I-do kind of way!

Fun Fact: Behind/kitty-corner to this view is the instantly recognizable Bryant Park. You'll know it when you see the curvy, twisty trees that lean in to touch eachother at the top and leave patterns of sunlight dancing on the rows of tables and chairs filled with people eating lunch. I have a whole series of Bryant Park planned that includes people watching and the juxtaposition of nature and city.

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