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Most Popular Piece @ the Ottawa Art Expo 2014

My most popular piece at the Ottawa Art Expo 2014 was "Le Metro Café, Paris".

With it's intense red awnings and european scooters, it pulls people in and seems to start conversations. Last weekend at the Expo, I saw many couples and groups of visitors pointing, chatting and coming up for a closer look at this one. It is definitely a gem... it took over 100 hours to paint on a 30x36" canvas (quite a bit longer than usual for this size).

The intricately detailed wrought iron balconies, the playful shadows from the trees, and the ultra-realistic portrayal of scooters, motorbikes and bicycles in the foreground, prove my passion for precision... and Paris!

There was a lot of interest in this piece and I have a feeling I won't have it long!

Unsold Large horizontal WR-3.jpg

Le Metro Café, Paris

Acrylic on Canvas, 30x36"


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