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An original, hand drawn piece of art that captures and commemorates your special day.

hand drawn wedding portrait
{ The Look }


8x10"   $175

11x14"   $225


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn portrait of the bride.


Capture the bride in a close up, detailed drawing of her wedding look. Not just the veil and the jewelry, but the look in her eyes.


A stunning, photo-realistic styled drawing to remember all the little details of how she looked that day.

Vintage wedding pencil portrait
{ The Bride }


8x10"    $300

11x14"    $400

16x20"  $500


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn by Laura Kaardal of the entire bridal look. The veil, the jewelry, the bouquet, the dress and even the shoes. 

This option is perfect to capture every detail of the bride on the special day. I can work from a vintage photograph to bring new life and preserve the memories of a loved one, or use a modern bridal portrait from the wedding photographer. A hand drawn, photo-realistic piece of art will capture even more than a photograph. 



Engagement pencil portrait
{ The Engagement }

8x10"   $225

11x14"   $125


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn portrait of the couple by Laura Kaardal.


Drawn from one photo of couple, head and shoulders, with the option of including a little more of the body like in the example shown here. A professional engagement photo shoot is a great source of inspiration, but your favourite snapshot from when you were dating also makes for a special gift, engagement announcement, or wedding invitiations.


pencil drawing wedding gown
{ The Dress }

8x10"   $150

11x14"   $200


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn account of all the details of the dress. 


A stunning, photo-realistic styled drawing of the dress. All I need is a photo that shows the dress from top to bottom. Pricing is the same for a hand drawing of one suit.

pencil drawing wedding
{ The Clothes }


8x10"   $200

11x14"   $300


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn wedding clothes of the couple.


Photo-realistic style. Two dresses or two suits are the same price. I can take two separate pictures and put them together if you have preferred poses in different pictures.



hand drawn pencil engagement ring
{ The Ring }

4x6"   $100

5x7"   $125


Pencil (blk & white) hand drawn engagement ring.


A detailed, photo-realistic styled drawing on white acid-free cardstock paper.

Prices are subject to change.

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